Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Blues Tomorrow" | Malkia Amala Cyril

Bleeding into the sound
of headless hunters splintering the spines
of mules carrying my face like an undue burden
split nuclear and factioned
i am dust to this decaying corpse of civilization
abandoned to set with dusk
west of blood
sucking ozone free carbon dioxide
smoked out lungs
wrestled to a burial with the moon
back streets in the belly of Bed-Stuy
swallow bullets
peace treaties branded in the milky flow
of moonlit blood

then what is blood to you

if my abdomen is stretched inside out
seeping down the length of my tears
blowing in the speed of decapitated orgasms
edges of sun playing in the corners
of my mouth
if i could stop spinning
i swear i would
cement the cracks in my windowless smiles
taste blood sweating off the laughter
of thunder
screaming down the throat of
and be bulletproof
instead of shot to hell military style shit
instead of skin
the bottom line cranes toward jazz
my hunger is naked
and sleeping with revolution
i am the single drop and lava
wanting to arch my blues toward
the instinct of lonely
colored between silences thick with
Holiday or Smith
anger bled tears sing laughter with a soundtrack
and alive forever shaking this song screaming in my ears
and breathing deep the mountains of Martinique
oh god
i need to burn into somebody's
be wild and with a different face for every moon
i need to burn

~ Malkia Amala Cyril, "Blues Tomorrow"

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